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Tula Pink

Tula Pink Untamed 5" stacker Bundle Pre-Order Oct 2024

Tula Pink Untamed 5" stacker Bundle Pre-Order Oct 2024

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Tula Pink's Untamed 5" stacker. all 100% cotton.  Free spirit 42 5"x5" pcs

These fabrics are not covered in neon but have accents of neon. For most of my past 48 fabric collections, I have used flowers as the setting pieces for my animal illustrations. I have used them to fi.ll in the gaps and frame my illustrations. They have always been a part of the drawing that I look forward to! It seemed to me that it was time to give these little backup dancers their time in the spotlight! I am always looking to surprise people who use my fabrics. In true "Tula'' fashion, flowers alone would not have been enough for me. Some of my favorite pieces from past collections have been the small geometric prints that rarely get the same attention as the large detailed illustrations. In "Untamed" I have combined these elements so that each geometric print is paired with a floral print that highlights the same shapes. A checkered petal peony on a checkered background has its own coordinating checkered print. A dahlia covered in polka dots has a small polka dot print to pair with it. A houndstooth acts as a latticework for a collection of dogwoods and pansies to grow up and through, paired with a multi-color traditional houndstooth pattern with a swath of neon running through it. For an added layer of depth, I have added pigmented neon to the petals and geometrics which give the prints a magical glowing quality! These prints would be great on their own or paired with a past or future collection. Don't forget to pair them with True Colors to appreciate the collection fully.

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